I am afraid that Symbian does not natively support PPTP VPNs, but there is an app called SymVPN which can be downloaded. There is a 14 day free trial, but to purchase costs 29 euros.

These are the steps we took to set it up:

1. Download and Install SymVPN.
2. Reboot the phone.
3. Open the SymVPN application
4. Press Options and then Insert 

Access Point: Choose the AP you wish to use, in our case 'O2 Active' for 3G
Host: GBR.mypn.co

Note: If you want to connect to any of our other servers, (ie. our USA servers) simply change the server name. For a list of server names, please refer to our complete list of servers.

Account: Select account and then Press Options Insert
User: Your username
Password: Your Password
Press Done
Press Done again
and press Done again

You should now just see a list of your VPNs which shows the one you just created. Make sure MPN is highlighted and press Options - Verify. If this works it should show an IP Address beginning with 10.111, this means that the VPN succesfully connected. 

Press Done and finally Press Exit

At this stage you are still not connected to the VPN, but SymVPN has created a new connection in the Phone called MPN. Anywhere where the phone normally asks which connection to use you will now see the option to choose MPN as the connection. If you choose MPN then the phone will first connect to the Access Point you specified in the VPN setup and then connect to the VPN itself.

We have tested this on a E71 and it worked well.

Please give that a go and if you require any further information, please send us an email to support@my-private-network.co.uk and we will do our very best to assist you?