These instructions are for Apple's Safari version 6 & 7 that comes preinstalled with OS X Mavericks.

1) Browser settings

Once your browser is open, navigate to the Mac menu bar, click Safari and select Preferences.

2) Clearing Cookies

Select the Privacy tab and click on the 'Remove All Website Data' button.

Now click on the Remove Now button.

3) Enable Develop Menu to clear Cache

Click on the Advanced tab and tick the checkbox 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'.

4) Empty Caches

Return to your Safari menu bar, you should now see a new tab called Develop.

Click on it and select Empty Caches.

You've now successfully deleted all cache from Safari.

5) Other Browsers/Devices

If you wish to clear the cache for a different browser/device, please refer to our instructions which can be found here.